Giddy Heights


Marie Antoinette

Fabulous, sumptuous and totally outrageous! This cake loving, queen of France will bring a large dollop of glamour to any event - be warned, she 's French and she's got attitude! Performed to C'est Chic by Mocean Worker and Lady Marmalade by LaBelle.


Kate Middleton 

Who knew that the Duchess of Cambridge had a secret side line as a burlesque performer? Well, it turns out she does and she's here to prove that her arse is 'Way better than her sister Pippa's!' Crack open the Pimms and join Kate as you've never seen her before, in this hilarious burlesque romp through her life so far!

( Studio photography by Neil Lewis, behind Burlesque and Live performance Paul Singer, photography copyright 2013 Paul Singer


Giddy Heights at her most poised!

This elegant striptease blends Giddy's early ballet training with burlesque bump and grind movement to produce a beautiful piece, that explores light and dark, innocence and raw sexuality. A sophisticated act, dark and seductive.

( Photography copyright 2013 Paul Singer

'Happy Birthday Mr President'

A classic Burlesque act which is perfect for Birthday parties. Giddy Heights arrives on stage inside a giant cake to the tune of Marilyn Munroe's breathy 'Happy Birthday Mr President' she then performs a delicious, traditional burlesque routine that finishes with a Champagne popping climax!

Elizabeth - Like a Virgin?

It is 1559 and Elizabeth has just been crowned queen. Her country is awash with promiscuity and vice, so was she really the unblemished virgin the history books would like us to remember? Or was she actually a right royal minx?! In this act, Elizabeth returns to set the record straight! Performed to 'Like a Virgin' by Madonna.

Mad About the Boy

This saucy school mistress is Mad about the Boy and that boy just happens to be Justin Bieber! This comic striptease to Dinah Washington’s beautiful jazz hit ‘Mad about the Boy’ sees traditional burlesque colide with the modern day; with hilarious consequences!

Cruella De Ville

'She's a bitch, she's a lover, she's a child, she's a lover, she's a sinner, she's a saint, she does not feel ashamed!'.. Hilarious grotesque comic act! Cruella slaughters a puppy and gets rather excited! Performed to Meredith Brookes 'Bitch'.

Gin Giddy

I don’t know what it is that makes me love you so, I only know I never wanna let you go’ Giddy Heights brings new meaning to the immortal words of Dusty Springfied, with this comic act about her co-dependent relationship with gin!


This act is great for parties and events, Miss Giddy Heights arrives on stage as the 'Sparkling Diamond' of the Moulin Rouge.  She performs a spectacular, spectacular burlesque striptease to the movie's version of 'Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend'. Her act takes a dramatic twist and culminates in a beautiful fan dance. This act debuted at Soho House's grand Moulin Rouge themed Party.


Take Alexis Carrington from Dynasty, stir in a little bit of Goldie Hawn in the late eighties and add a large slosh of Patsy from Ab Fab. The result is a deliciously outrageous comic burlesque act performed by Giddy Heights to ‘Money’ by The Flying Lizards’ The act culminates in this insatiable character drinking Cristal Champagne out of her own Louboutin stilettos! A great anti-valentines act!

The Fan Dance

Giddy has had a very special fan dance training, she was taught on a one to one basis by Polly Perkins. Polly Perkins was the youngest ever Windmill Girl at the world famous Windmill Theatre, Soho which remarkably stayed open throughout The Blitz.  The fan dance in the video link below is authentic to the original dance. In it's authenticity, the dance is performed nude and can be done so in the correct theatrical environment but Giddy generally performs the dance with at least a little something to protect her modesty! The fan dance is adaptable to different types of music and Giddy has choreographed dances to classical pieces through to indie rock. 


Minnie the Moocher

'Folks, here's the story of Minnie the Moocher, she was a red hot hootchie-koocher, she was the roughest toughest frail but Minnie had a heart as big as a whale' 

Perfect for your art deco themed party, let Giddy as Minnie the Moocher take you back to the gin soaked Jazz age.